IQUALIF offers up to 40% more contacts

To discover the advantages of our IQUALIF Contact Page Extractor software range, here is a comparative table highlighting why we are better than our competitors:

CriteriaIQUALIF CPEOur competitors
Overall RatingFrom : etoile_petite_4.png
InterfaceA simple interface to focus on the heart of our business, the extraction of contact informationAn overly complicated interface with too many tabs and often many unused functions
Demo versionA full demo versionA demo version with limited usage time and features, extraction limited to 1000 contacts or subject to other restrictions
After an Internet connection outageDownload picks up where it left off as soon as the Internet connection is restoredThe software downloads empty pages and loses contact, or extraction stops forcing you to start the download again
After a system crash or a power failureDownload pursues from where it was interruptedSoftware loses contact, or resumes a randomly selected download which inevitably causes the loss of your contacts
When selecting cities to capturePossibility to download several departments at oncePossible to download a few hundred cities
Anti-Blacklist exclusive to IQUALIFEXCLUSIVE system included in all versions of our IQUALIF CPEThis function does not exist
Format recovered contactsAll information in the directory is extracted in a structured manner. For example, IQUALIF CPE can recover up to 4  landline numbers per contact.The information is not extracted in a structured manner, only one landline number is taken into account when there are often several
ExportExport of contact information to Excel and CSV formats is providedData is often lost and available file formats are limited, they do not present all the information that could have been extracted
SoftwareResponsive support community and stable online versionsUnstable online versions with many unmanaged and unresolved bugs